Tip/Tilt Error Maps

PSF Files:

V (0.5 microns) - AO_psf49_000.fits

R (0.7 microns) - AO_psf49_001.fits

I (0.9 microns) - AO_psf49_002.fits

J (1.2 microns) - AO_psf49_003.fits

H (1.6 microns) - AO_psf49_004.fits

K (2.2 microns) - AO_psf49_005.fits

The FITS files contain data cubes 49 layers deep, each layer representing one field point in the 7x7 grid, in raster-scan order (1=upper left, 49=lower right). Pixel scale and other image information is in the FITS header.

Typical set of MCAO Point Spread Functions (this set happens to be for 0.9 microns)

milli-arcseconds of Tip/Tilt error
Contact: Don Gavel, UCO/Lick Observatory, UC Santa Cruz, gavel@ucolick.org
GOODS South and GEMS
This is a representative small sample field
goodsN_0.fits Infinite Outer Scale

goodsN_70.fits Outer Scale = 70 m

goodsN_20.fits Outer Scale = 20 m

goodsS_0.fits Infinite Outer Scale

goodsS_70.fits Outer Scale = 70 m

goodsS_20.fits Outer Scale = 20 m

cosmos_0.fits Infinite Outer Scale

cosmos_70.fits Outer Scale = 70 m

cosmos_20.fits Outer Scale = 20 m

milli-arcseconds of Tip/Tilt error
milli-arcseconds of Tip/Tilt error